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The Allergy Center at SacENT

Nasal, sinus and allergy problems can make you miserable! Don’t despair …. The Allergy Center at SacENT can now provide you a way to get significant relief from these problems through our unique Allergy Management Program, which incorporates the most recent advances in medical science, and offers the latest methods in testing and treatment for inhalant and food allergies. Skin testing for allergies can now be done easily and relatively painlessly on the forearm, and usuallytakes less than 30 minutes. Our sophisticated allergy blood tests can accurately diagnose inhalant as well as many food allergies, often only requiring a simple finger stick.

Our Allergy Immunotherapy Treatment Program provides the most recent advances in allergydesensitization, which may be given either by injection (allergy shots) or by drops that are administered under the tongue (sublingual immunotherapy). More than 80% of inhalant allergy patients benefit from our allergy desensitization treatment.

The Allergy Management Program has significantly increased the rate of successful outcomes for those who suffer from allergy problems such as allergic rhinitis and hay fever, asthma, eczema, urticaria and hives, and food allergy.

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