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The physicians at Sacramento Ear, Nose and Throat are committed to providing the most up- to- date, cost-effective, and safe services to our patients. That is why we have installed Xoran MiniCAT ™ Scan machines in our Sacramento and Roseville locations. Our in-office Xoran MiniCAT™ for ENT scanner gives us immediate access to high-quality, 3D images of your sinuses and ears, allowing us to diagnose and treat you faster. Our certified CT technologists work with our physicians to make sure you get the fast and effective treatment you deserve.

CT scans are integral to proper diagnosis and treatment. Studies have indicated that on site scanning can change the initial diagnosis in up to 75% of cases. Our in-office scanner offers distinct advantages over sending you to a radiology center for the scan.

The advantages include:

  •  Immediate, on-site diagnosis and treatment planning
  •  Lower radiation dose than conventional CT (5-10 times lower than traditional CT)
  •  Fast scan times (less than 20 seconds) 
  •  You are comfortably seated during the scan 
  •  It is wheelchair accessible 
  •  The open, patient-friendly design minimizes claustrophobia

By having you sitting in a chair for only 20 seconds, your certified CT technologist at Sacramento Ear, Nose and Throat can do a scan and your physician can then show you a picture of your sinuses on a computer while explaining your condition. The next steps in your treatment plan can be agreed upon right away. And the faster you begin your treatment, the faster you can get relief from your symptoms.

We constantly strive to enhance patient care and convenience. Through the intelligent use of advanced technology administered by our highly qualified staff specialists, our CT Scan Department does just that

MiniCAT™ for ENT from Xoran Technologies®, Inc.

Our friendly, certified CT Technologists:

Patty Rasmussen (Sacramento Office): CRT, ARRT, (R), ARDMS

Patty graduated from the accredited Radiology Program at Yuba College with an AAS degree in Radiology Technology. Soon after, she began working in a local hospital and in her second year cross trained into the field of CT Scanning. After several years she moved to the Bay Area and worked in Level 1 Trauma centers and teaching hospitals. With an ongoing interest in Ultrasound she was accepted to the Sonography Program at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills. Once graduated with a certificate in Sonography and passing 3 board exams, she became a registered Ultrasound Technologist. Patty is a great addition to our Sacramento ENT staff with registries in both Radiology and Ultrasound.

In her spare time Patty enjoys hiking, road trips and home maintenance/decorating.

Gwen Wolfe (Roseville Office): CRT, ARRT, CV

Gwen is a native Minnesotan Registered Radiologic Technologist that acquired her initial training and ARRT boards in Duluth, MN.  After having relocated to the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, she cross trained in CT and Interventional Radiology and Cardiology.  In the 1990s she became Cardiovascular Interventional Technologist board certified. Over the next 13 years she was employed by Philips Medical Systems, moved to Northern California and worked with McKesson Cardiology performing Clinical Education and Customers Support in the field at hospitals across the U.S. Before joining Sacramento ENT, Gwen worked in Interventional Radiology and CT for Sutter.

In her spare time Gwen enjoys international travel, working out, walking, hiking and gardening.

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