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Cosmetic Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

What is cosmetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty)?

Cosmetic nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, is a type of cosmetic surgery that reshapes the nose to make it more in balance with the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty has many cosmetic and functional benefits. Common types of rhinoplasty include straightening a crooked nose, removing a hump, increasing or decreasing the size of the nose, or reshaping the tip. At Sacramento Ear, Nose and Throat Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Clutter will customize your rhinoplasty based on your personal preference, the natural contour of your face, and your anatomy. Because Dr. Clutter and Dr. Bernstein specialize in facial aesthetic surgery and also in the general medical and surgical treatment of the ear, nose and throat, they are able to apply both specialties in the evaluation and treatment of their patients. They are highly trained in and knowledgeable of airway and sinus disease, and are able to use their expertise in these areas in their aesthetic rhinoplasty practices.

Rhinoplasty is usually done for cosmetic reasons, but it can also correct the effect of an accident or injury. Nose surgery can also help correct structural defects that may cause breathing problems.

Rhinoplasty is done as an outpatient procedure, in either the in-office surgical suite or at an outpatient surgery center.

Why should I choose Sacramento Ear, Nose and Throat Facial Plastic Surgery?

Our board-certified facial plastic surgeons Dr. Bernstein and Dr. Clutter are trained specifically in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the head and neck, and perform surgeries only on these areas. Their focused and highly specific training and personal, caring approach allow them to provide you with an unsurpassed level of care for your facial rejuvenation needs.

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